What are tributes all about?

Tributes are about 'memories'. Or rather about reliving your personal glory moments.
Recreating those which you never want to forget.

Every moment in life should be an occasion! But then there are those few precious ones that you
want to immortalize. Like a surprise birthday! A wedding or an engagement! Your proposal maybe,
that is if your friends had the foresight to capture it. A tribute to your parents on their golden
jubilee or to a grandaunt on her seventieth birthday! A launch of a business or a felicitation!
Or a tribute even to your schoolteacher!

My job is to immortalize these moments by creating 'customized videos'.
Well, this is how it works . A whole lot of work goes into first gauging the personality of the person
who this video will be gifted to or who this video is all about. A lot of research goes into selecting
meaningful pictures and images, things that will truly touch the heart strings of the recipient of this
gift and memories that he / she will want to revisit ever so often. The pictures are then brought to life
by restoring them digitally and laying them down in the correct order. Most importantly, to bind the
whole thing together with just the right music track and finally edited, to sync with the music and add
any special effects if required!

All this effort just so that your special person has something special that he/she will want to go back
to again and again! And they will know what a special place they have in your heart.



Pushpa Thadani
Pushpa Thadani is my aunt. She expired in 2008. When I did this video, I was not
even thinking about doing one. I was just glancing through her pictures from over
the years and the idea to compile them in a chronological order with music then
struck me and that's how I started off. It was a spontaneous inspiration!

Video 1
This video is something that Aunt Pushpa would have loved! Because this is about
the people she loved, who occupied her heart, mind and soul - her sisters and a
few close friends.


Video 2
Aunt Pushpa was a devout believer of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism. Through her life she
made trips to many Gurudwaras all over the world. Her favourite was of course the
one at Nanded, where her Guru Sant Baba Jogindersinghji (Moni Babaji) resided.
This was the place she visited most often.


Nirupa Roy
A tribute to the late Nirupa Roy the legendary film actress of the Hindi Film industry.
Her younger son Kiran requested me to make one for his mother when he saw Aunt
Pushpa's tribute. As on the silverscreen she has been the epitome of motherhood,
here too it revolves around her real life family - her husband Mr. Kamal Roy and her
sons Yogesh and Kiran.


Kiran-Anup 1
This is the first one of the videos made for Kiran Gidwani and Anup Tolaram.
A friend Pradeep Gidwani suggested them to me. It traces their journey from
their childhood till they grew up and till the day they met. A tribute to Kiran and
Anup on their wedding day!


Kiran-Anup 2
This is the second of the videos for Kiran and Anup. It starts with an animation
skit where all the family members have been made into cartoon characters and the
second part of the video shows the courting period of the couple! The animation
concept was a new one developed for the very first time for this video!


Anjali Chandiramani
One thing leads to another. Shyam, a family friend who happened to see the video on
Aunt Pushpa was mighty impressed. His wife, Anjali is a practicing homeopath and he
requested me to make a video of her clinic opening in 1989.


Cricket - War
My friend Sudarshan Kanchan and has friends had played a cricket match and this
is a prelude before the game begins showing what happens when old friends meet.


Cricket - Tribute
A tribute to friendship for all the residents of Pankaj Mansion and
the entire cricket team.


'Bombay' - a tribute.
This was the first film I ever made! It was a project for my film making class.
A short film made on the city of Bombay showing its very essence and fabric,
its grit and the people and the soul of the city, covering the major landmarks.